Authentic Catman Costume

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Above KaraokeYou gotta lose your mind in Detroit Rock City!Have you spent a weekend or two belting out these lyrics at the bar? Perhaps it’s time to step up your game.Taking on a persona is fun! You get to pretend you’re someone else, say things you wouldn’t normally say, maybe even do things you wouldn’t normally do. If you’re ready to stop being a shy guy who watches the party from afar, we have a costume that will put you front and center before a throng of screaming fans.FUN DetailsYou’ll need to pick up the perfect pair of platform boots, study up on a few makeup tutorials, and grab a wig that feels “Catman-ish” to you, but everything else you need is included for your transformation: a full-bodysuit with studded pleather wrist bands, chest laces, and a rhinestone trim on the neck. For tonight, you’re no wallflower; you’re the drummer of the greatest band ever and you’re here to rock and roll all nite!No PyroJoin one of the greatest rock bands ever for the night when you slip on this Authentic Catman Costume. KISS taught us not only how to, but also how to put on a real show! So why not step out of the shadows and into the limelight–just for a night–and give yourself a reason to live…it up? Thanks to this licensed costume, you’ll want to party every day, since you feel like a God of thunder the moment you enter any room (with or without a “Beth” by your side). Every other guest will watch in awe as your set up your pyrotechnics (no, not really, but maybe you can bring a flashlight and pretend) and wish they’d thought up a costume as cool as this one.

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