Authentic Classic Adult Batman Costume

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Pow! Bam! Splat!Before Batman was a broody, dark billionaire fighting equally angsty supervillains, he was the classic Caped Crusader who picked up the Batphone whenever Commissioner Gordon needed his help. Actor Adam West made the comic book hero into a three-dimensional character, teacher, and campy crime fighter. There’s no one else who deserves to be immortalized as an authentic Halloween costume!Product DetailsThis costume is 70% polyurethane, 30% polyester–that means stretch, comfort, and plenty of faux leather. The long-sleeved pullover shirt is a stretchy knit that will fit a variety of body types and sizes. The pants have an elastic waistband and elastic stirrup straps that go under the foot. No riding up/pulling down your pants needed! The foam-backed boot covers zip up the black and have elastic bands under the foot, to fit over any shoe you might want to wear unerneath. Wear your briefs on the outside like a real superhero. Then strap on the belt, which is made of vinyl and uses hook and loop fasteners to close. Finally, the satin hooded cape goes right over the head. A button and elastic loop pull the cowl tight against your head. Bruce Wayne couldn’t ask for an easier-on costume.Use Your Bat Logic……and put this costume in your shopping cart. As soon as you slip it on, your friends will be remarking, “Holy cool costume, Batman!” Villains will think twice about committing a caper when they know the Caped Crusader is on the case.

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