Authentic Cop Costume for Men | Police Officer Costume | Exclusive

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Long Arm of the LawObviously, being a cop takes training, guidance, and incredible skill. But who has the time for that? This costume sure will help you look as good as our boys in blue without all those pesky steps in between. It comes with everything you need to get the traditional police officer look.Fun DetailsJust like a proper uniform, this outfit comes with a matching set of shirt and pants. The shirt is buttoned down the front and at the sleeve cuffs, and is accompanied by two breast pockets and police patches. The pants have a zipper fly and belt loops, and six (six!) pockets. The necktie is an actual tie, so learn your Windsor knots, and the included cap has black brim. Don’t forget to attach the pin badges to complete the look. You may even want to consider picking up a nightstick accessory to really look (but not really play) the part.To Serve and AmuseThis is a great costume for having fun with friends and acting as a loyal city servant. Of course, we think the best way you can serve your friends and family is to make sure they stay completely entertained at the next costume party!

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