Authentic Dragon Ball Z Goku Costume for Adults | Anime Costumes

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Carefree World SavingMost warriors with supernatural spiritual and physical powers tend to immediately go hard-core hero or make the unfortunate leap into becoming a terrifying villain. Of course, if either of them hangs out with a certain Sayian, they’re likely to change their perspective after too long. Goku is the type of hero that is all in for a fight, but really only to test his abilities and make friends… even with the bad guys! That’s what you get when you’ve got a guy who is so laid back!Goku really only has two modes. Test my abilities as a warrior. Relax with my friends. He’s a pretty simple guy in that regard! Sure, the serious face comes out once in a while when a really nasty villain threatens to kill a lot of folks but, otherwise, he tends to view even his opponents as a future friend who will be really fun to fight for a while. Don’t let the others tease you for being easy-going, Goku. We’re on your side! Fun DetailsIt’s time to gear up Dragon Ball Z-style with an officially licensed Goku costume! This authentic look is Made by Us in our own in-house design studio. It includes Goku’s iconic blue undershirt and orange gi-style vest and matching pants. The whole look replicates Goku’s own style, featuring his symbol on the chest and back and even the ruched style pants and bright blue sash. The brown belt pouch is perfect for your stamina restoring Senzu Beans… (or your wallet). Boot covers and cuffs complete the look, though you can always upgrade your hairdo with a Goku wig (even in Super Sayian form). Fighter and a FriendEven if you garb up as Goku for an individual costume, you’re guaranteed to end up with a group costume picture. There is just something about this friendly fighter that makes everyone want to join his team!

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