Bad Dreams Babe Adult Costume

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This is Halloween, everybody make a scene…that’s right! Roll out that spider web red carpet cause Pumpkin royalty is coming through!Listen: Nobody ever wants to talk about this, but when you’re the Pumpkin Queen of Halloween Township, it’s important that you, y’know, look a certain way. After all, you’re representing a place populated with the stuff of bad dreams and nightmares! You need those citizens to take you seriously. And honestly? That’s hard to do in some bubblegum pink poufy ball gown thing.And we know it’s hard to feel like you’re always being hemmed in and expected to act and look a certain way. We get it! You wanna try new things, explore new places, experience new holidays…but you also have a job to do. There are a lot of undead creatures and freaky toys out there that are counting on you to be the charming and charismatic leader they’ve always known you to be.But since we want to feel like you’re being heard and are supported in your quest to try something new, we got you this Bad Dreams Babe Adult Costume! It lets you stick to the classic style that’s always suited you, but with some new twists! The pullover pinstripe dress has a keyhole neckline with a white inset panel, and the stiffened collar has multiple peaks. The skirt is asymmetrical and longer in back, and it has 2 overlays and attached front garters. Add some black thigh-high stockings and shiny black stiletto heels to give your legs that long, lean look you’ve become known for. There…now that’s what we call looking like the stuff of nightmares!

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