Batgirl Romper Costume for Girls

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Gotham City is a place of mystery, danger, and intrigue. Now, those words alone certainly do not make it sound like the kind of place that anyone should bring up their kiddo. Tykes are curious and the idea of mystery will have them rushing off into all sorts of trouble either to cause the mischief or at least be a part of it. So, the initial plan for any parent is likely to do all they can to keep their little ones out of anything even related to that. Still, trouble can follow people around. Sometimes it is better to lean into that sort of thing.So, we’ve got a different proposal. The thing about Gotham is that any of the good folks that come from the city tend to be pretty spectacular in their own right. That is partly because of the symbols in the place that help to make us all become more than we might have otherwise. One of our favorite examples, of course, is Barbara Gordon. Now, she of course already started leagues ahead by having a top notch set of parents, but we cannot help but notice that your tyke is in a similar position. Add some specialized training from Batman, himself, and we’ve got a whole new superhero bringing the baddies to justice.We aren’t suggesting any actual crime solving at your little one’s age, but it would not only be good to get a head start on the years of training that it would take to don the mantle of Batgirl, but it will look adorable, and who needs a better reason than that? You can make this fantasy a reality with this fantastic Batgirl Romper. The polyester fleece jumpsuit fits comfortably thanks to the hook and tie fastener that also holds the cape in place. They mask is soft felt but will make your kiddo feel delightfully mysterious while they start to imagine what good they’ll do for their playroom neighborhood!

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