Batman Forever Two-Face Premium Costume for Adult

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Heads or Tails?Trying to decide on a costume? Well, how about using the old Harvey Dent method of decision-making? It’s simple. You don’t have to put any mental energy into it and it’s completely fair. Just go find yourself a coin. We suggest a silver dollar, but anything will do, a quarter, nickel, that lucky penny you have hidden away. Then, ask yourself the question, “Should I wear this Batman Forever Premium Two-Face Costume this year?”Next, you just give the coin a good toss in the air. Heads, and you dress up as Two-Face, one of Batman’s greatest foes. Tails, and you move on an keep looking! What do you say? We’ll wait here while you flip the coin…Fun DetailsWell, if you made it this far, then the coin must have come up heads! This adult Two-Face Costume is officially licensed from the Joel Schumacher film, Batman Forever. It comes with a two-piece suit, including a jacket and a pair of pants. Each piece has one solid-color side and a multi-color, zebra print side to reflect Two-Face’s dual nature. The jacket has a single button closure in the front and the pants feature elastic in the waist to provide a snug and comfortable fit. Once you have it on, you’ll be ready to cook up a scheme against Batman. Just be sure to keep that coin handy, since you’ll need it for all of your important decisions!

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