Beautiful Matador Costume for Girls

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SO, SHE WANTS TO BE A BULL-FIGHTERAll parents have those conversations with their kids about what they’d like to be when they grow up. Often, they have no idea or have too many options. However, sometimes, kids have a very confident sound to their voice. This is something they’ve given serious consideration towards and they simply know it is going to happen. (Do they consult a psychic? How can they be so sure when we aren’t even positive we want to do what we are currently actually doing!?)That can be pretty great! Unless, of course, they pick something that sounds really dangerous or something that you’ve got next to no experience with! In the case of certain brave tykes who are longing for a sense of adventure that simply can’t be reached anywhere else in the world but Spain, they might tell you that they want to be a matador. After you look that up on Google to make sure it isn’t a new version of a Pokemon, it is time to prepare for a strange future.DESIGN & DETAILSWe shipped our in-house designers overseas and threw them into the streets to ensure that they’d come back with the most authentic in matador styles for this exclusive Beautiful Matador Costume. The cropped pants and sleeveless pullover tank provide a comfortable base. The bright red poplin jacket features gold braid trim and tassels while the matching cape has self-fabric ties so it can be worn over the shoulders or waist as a skirt. The molded felt hat is a gorgeous black with gold trim. At this point, you’ll just need the bull!SHOUT OUT ¡OLÉ!Your kiddo is going to look fantastic in this finely crafted Matador Costume. A twirl and flourish of the cape will send color and command cheers from the crowd. We do recommend that your kiddo fight someone in a bull costume before going straight for the horns, though!

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