Beauty and the Beast Belle Costume for Dogs

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We Can Hear the Belle a’BarkingNow you can make your doggy the belle of the ball. We’re sure she usually is, in a figurative manner, but we’re talking literally. Simply dress her up in this adorable Puppy Belle Costume.Turn your pup into the beloved princess from the hit Disney film Beauty and the Beast this Halloween. Or, really, whenever you want. Then when she is seemingly just barking at random items in your home, she may actually be having an important conversation. We all know how Belle loved to converse with clocks, teapots, and many more household items.Fun DetailsTurning your pup into the lovely Belle for Halloween is actually much easier than you’d think. This costume consists of three pieces. There is the lovely yellow dress that has a beautiful assortment of red roses around it. A matching collar with another red rose. And lastly, there is the wig with a cute yellow ribbon.No Villains AllowedTransform your pup into a Disney princess and be her prince this Halloween. All your friends and neighbors will love to be in the presence of royalty. Just watch out for Gaston or other Disney villains. We all know how they like to ruin a good time.

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