Beauty and the Beast Kids Belle Blue Costume Dress

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This Provincial LifeWhen you talk about someone’s origin story, you’re probably referring to a superhero or a villain. However, everyone must be a child at some point in their lives, including princesses! What do you think Belle was like as a kid? Do you think she always dreamed of adventure in faraway lands or was she content with her life in the “poor, provincial town” as she later calls it? When did her love of reading begin? Did she ever have a friend other than her father? We can’t answer these questions for you, but your child can when they dress up as this compassionate character and create their own backstory!Fun DetailsIf your child wants to look just like this book-loving princess, they might like this Kid’s Belle Costume Dress from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The flowy white underdress features Belle’s signature long sleeves and collar, and peeks out like a petticoat from the bottom of the skirt. The blue dress closes with a beautiful corset in the back, and a white apron completes the front of the outfit. The last finishing detail is a matching blue hair bow. Your child will feel ready to explore the world in this awesome outfit!

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