Beauty and the Beast Men’s Beast Costume

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Just a Rose AwayYou typically have to be pretty perceptive when you’re walking around a wonderful world filled with magic and mystery. You never know who might be able to change shape with a magic word or a wave of a wand. That kindly beggar woman might, in fact, be a powerful sorceress who is ready to teach someone a lesson! Then again, maybe you are a shapeshifting sort yourself! Sure, we are glad that Prince Adam learns all about love and returns to his human form… but we’ve got to admit that he looked pretty tough and crazy cuddly when he was in his Beast shape, too! Maybe he should give that sorceress a call and see if he can swap back and forth at will.Fun DetailsIf you ever thought you’d like to take a walk on the wild side, perhaps this exclusive Beast Costume from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is for you! Elastic pants feature a bright accent that matches with the princely sheen of the sateen vest. The white jabot has a faux gem to bring out the light in your eyes, too. Complete your ballroom ensemble with the velvet jacket. It is a royal blue with gold lapels and lace trim, so you’re sure to feel like a king in your castle. But we haven’t forgotten the fuzzy side of the Beast! Mitts and boot covers will let you dig your claws into the look while the Beast hood features stuffed horns to top off your costumed transformation. Wear or remove the Beast accessories as your heart desires to choose which form you’ll take!

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