Big Mouth Lion Inflatable Adult Costume

440,00 kr.

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Time to RoarYou’ve always been mild-mannered. Humble. Generous. Kind and gentle. But lately, you’ve been feeling this sensation inside you, like an inner roar. It bubbles up and you need to just let it out. Sounds like you may have a bit of an alter ego lurking. Good thing Halloween is right around the corner! What better time than to experiment with being a whole new kind of you. And what is that new you, you ask? Why it sounds like you may have an inner lion pent up in there. There’s only one good way to find out! Try on this Adult Inflatable Big Mouth Lion Costume and see how it feels. Do you feel instantly energized? Ready to roam and take your place as king of your castle? If so, then we think you’ve found a winner, for sure!Design & DetailsIn order to experience life as a lion, it’s good to practice being larger than life. This blow-up costume is both fun-loving and imposing, and it makes a huge statement. It’s a one-piece jumpsuit you step into, then inflate for full effect. It covers your feet and hands, so there are no human parts to give you away – except your face, which peeks out from within this lion’s fearsome jaws! A built-in inflation system keeps your big cat energy running all night!Everyday PowerNow that you’ve felt what it’s like to be fearless, bold, and in charge, you may never go back! But, you may need to learn to harness that energy in your everyday clothes after Halloween – it can be tricky to navigate day-to-day life as an oversized lion.

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