Black Ninja Costume for Girls

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Til butik

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You’ve known it for years. She has cat-like reflexes, she’s too sneaky for her own good and she looks really good in black. It’s time for your little girl to embrace the destiny that you’ve always known. It’s time for her to become a shinobi.We fully support your little girl’s entry into the world of ninjutsu, which is why we’ve already prepared the perfect outfit for her transformation. This Black Ninja costume is a ninja-fied girl’s outfit that’s designed to make your child feel as deadly as the silent shadows. The costume comes with a black top with faux armor pieces in front to help protect her from her enemies. Pointed shoulder pads create an intimidating look that her enemies will never see coming! A bright red dragon symbol on the chest lets everyone know that she’s a master, a true prodigy in the field of ninja moves. The included black hood helps conceal her identity when you send her on stealthy missions. The wrist and leg ties add the finishing touch to the look.Of course, if you plan on sending your girl out on quests of espionage, then you’re going to have to teach her your best ninja moves and equip her with one of our many ninja weapons!

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