Black Witch Girls Costume

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The Good WitchDeciding between black cats, warty frogs, and cawing crows to be your familiar is a lot harder than it sounds. The cats are the cutest, the frogs are the most useful, and the crows are the most intimidating. They all have such wonderful qualities!The only way to tell which to choose is to look deep within yourself. If you can handle the warty skin, the toad is a great choice! If you don’t mind the constant and loud cries of the crow, then you will be very happy to have a bird friend. But, if you are looking for a familiar that has the uncanny ability to sleep 20 hours a day, then there is nothing better than a nice, black cat.Product DetailsBeing a witch is not always a bad thing, especially when you wear this Wicked Witch Child Costume. This magical costume will make you feel just like your favorite witch, all you have to provide is the magical smile. The long, demure sleeves look iconic and mysterious and they compliment the ruffled skirt and patterned bodice perfectly. Making potions with the rest of your coven is going to be even more fun when you show up in this awesome costume. Just don’t forget your familiar!Magical and FunIf you are looking for the perfect wicked witch costume for your child, then you are in the right place! This costume will make them feel wonderfully witchy, and you will love seeing them run around turning their friends into newts and toads. Just make sure you hide all the brooms in the house, or they’ll cause all kinds of problems!

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