Blue Hungry Hungry Hippos Costume for Adults

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Til butik


Life is SweetDo you think your weekly board game night has nothing to do with Halloween? Think again! Retro games are a huge trend in Halloween costumes, and there is no game more classic (and appropriate to a holiday that centers around eating candy) than Hungry Hungry Hippos! You played it for hours on end as a child, and your friends still add it to the rotation for your Friday night gaming get-togethers. So go ahead and opt for the player you’re prone to choose and get decked out in this Adult Blue Hungry Hungry Hippos Costume. In fact, you’re such a connoisseur of classic board games that you even know that blue hippo’s name is Sweetie Potamus. How’s that for attention to detail? Of course, your hippo will probably want to have an eating race with something more savory than marbles…say, mini peanut butter cups or licorice. Yum!Design & DetailsOfficially licensed and exclusively crafted, this costume is a perfect replica of Sweetie Potamus and will bring memories of childhood rainy-day game fests flooding back to anyone who sees you. It’s a blue jumpsuit with a hippo-headed hood, a pair of mitts, shoe covers, and a white marble necklace. It’s bound to keep you comfy, cozy, and craving snacks all Halloween long!Don’t Lose Your MarblesLooking for a great group theme this Halloween? Don’t fret! While this look works solo, it’s also fun as part of a collective costume – just have some friends don the green, orange, and yellow hippo suits for a full game effect!

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