Blue Seas Mermaid Deluxe Costume for Kids

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MERMAIDSBeing a mermaid would be the best. We think it would be better than being a human, actually. Think about it. You’d get to wake up on a coral reef every morning, and you’d swim out of your quaint underwater cottage to your balcony overlooking the big blue sea. You’d see whales swimming in the distance and little fish swimming all over the reef below your balcony. You could swim around and pet dolphins and sharks and you could even try to ride a manta ray! If you want to go on land, simply hop on your land submarine (We are picturing something like a car, but filled with water) And you can go explore whatever city you might be close to! Just don’t open the car windows unless your underwater, you know? Otherwise, you might find yourself a little bit short on H20! FUN DETAILS This costume will turn your little girl into a magical mermaid! They’ll be wearing a dress that is styled to look just like a mermaid! The dress has sequins designed to look like scales and has a starfish on the front, which they can say they found while taking a stroll across the bottom of the sea! They’ll also be wearing a headband; the headband is fabric covered and has a matching starfish accent, making starfish the theme of this stylish mermaid costume. All they will need are some gills and some webbed fingers and they will be all set to live under the sea! MERMAID’S PET FISHIf we were a mermaid, the first thing we would do would be to try and find a pet fish. Under the sea, we imagine a pet fish is like having a pet dog. What kind of fish would you want if you were a mermaid?

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