Bobble Head Ghost Costume for Kid’s

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Who Ya Gonna Call?You have always loved bobbleheads right? You probably have the hula girl figure on your dashboard and about a million bobblehead figures of all your favorite sports heroes. You probably have three or four slinkies, a pogo stick, and anything else you can find that has that rhythmic, bouncing motion. We get that, what’s not to love?But then, one day you found your collection in disarray. You immediately knew what to do, calling on the neighborhood squad of ghosthunters. They arrived in minutes, just as the ectoplasm began to drip from somewhere in the middle of your favorites. After several minutes of intense action that set your entire collection into a rhythmically swaying, clacking mess, they finally trapped the spirit haunting your stuff. Its goal? To let you know that it had a great idea for a costume sometime.Ghostly VisageWell, here it is! Inspired by this fake true story, here is the Child Bobble Head Ghost costume. It consists of a black robe with ghostly white gloves and a removable mask and hood that give your child that oversized, ghostly bobble head look. The screaming mouth and wild, sad eyes will definitely scare anyone into giving out more candy than they had intended!Last GhastIf your child wants to haunt the night in style, this is the costume for them. The huge, horrible bobble head will make anyone scream and run for cover, or at least stand stock still with their heads wildly bouncing to and fro!

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