Bohemian Girls Flower Child Costume

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Peace and LoveYour daughter is just a creature of nature. She loves being barefoot in the backyard, planting flowers and getting her hands dirty in the vegetable garden. She often asks if she can just sleep outside in a tent out back, and the other day you swear you could see her talking to a squirrel. Well, regardless of the actual occurrence of that or not, it sounds like your little girl needs to get this Flower Child outfit.Why? Because obviously, she is one with nature! She loves all living creatures and things and has no problem fully sharing her space on Earth with them as one big, loving, community. And this outfit represents all of that, especially when it’s worn around hippies and other nature loving people who have the same ideas and feelings she does.Fun DetailsThis outfit is breezy and comfortable, so it won’t bother your daughter, even if she is spending all day laying in the grass under the sun. The pullover dress has satin lining and features lace trim at the hemline as well as wide bell sleeves. The included faux suede (of course not leather that came from animals) vest has long fringe and decorative chains. Finally, the headband is made of fabric daisies and completes the look to give her a peaceful, back-to-basics appearance. She’ll love the feel of this outfit, and she’ll feel the love as well!A New CommunityWhether or not this outfit actually aids in her ability to communicate directly with squirrels, we can’t say. That is between her and the squirrel, ultimately. But we figure it certainly can’t hurt her cause. We can say, though, that this dress will certainly allow her to connect with nature-loving communities much more easily. And isn’t that a great result anyway?

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