Boys Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Deluxe Costume

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From Woof to WoodWe know that most kids go through a phase of pretending to be their favorite animals. Whether they completely forsake their human languages and dive down to all fours or just romp around the house for a while imitating their furry friend, it’s pretty common! The jury is still out on exactly why the kiddos enjoy it quite so much. (The debate is even hotter about how long we should entertain the woofy roleplay.) Honestly, it’s pretty cute… even if it gets exhausting!That’s why inventing a fun new roleplay opportunity is the way to go. Take a look at the Guardians of the Galaxy, for example. Here, we’ve got a team that’s really friendly towards a whole universe of different folks! Not only can your kiddo enjoy a new character to emulate but you get a break from playing fetch. So, next time your kiddo wants you to throw their dog toy so they can run and fetch it, try tossing out a Deluxe Groot costume, instead. Fun DetailsWhen your kiddo feels like reaching for a new character for their playtime, you can’t go wrong with a sturdy friend like Groot. With this officially licensed costume from Guardians of the Galaxy, your kiddo can become the Flora Colossi that stole our hearts. This jumpsuit zips down the back of the costume and features foam along the arms and legs to give your tyke a wooden look without too much restriction on their movements. (They won’t be crawling around as much, but they’ll still want to feel like a hero!) The headpiece fastens with a hook and loop strip under the chin and completes your kiddo’s woody transformation. Growing up GrootHelp your kiddo enjoy transforming into the famous Flora Colossi that fetched our hearts. This Deluxe Groot costume is the perfect way to give your kid another character to play. (Then again, replacing “Woof” with “I am Groot” might have its own complications!)

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