Brown Adult Hooded Cloak Costume

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A Critical Component Any adventurer worth their salt knows that they need to have the right set of gear before they wander out into the wide world. Obviously, a Renaissance warrior needs to have a trusty sword or staff at their side. A good pair of solid boots to keep them tromping through the muck. Belts. A ton of them. Obviously. But the most crucial accessory for the would-be wanderer is the cloak! This multipurpose article can do everything! Is it too sunny, threatening the perfect aim of your bow? Well, that hood will sure come in handy. Do you need to sculk in the shadows of the tavern and look really mysterious? Well, you’re not going to do that with a regular hat! And how about when you need to make a dramatic gesture after accepting a quest? Well, get ready to flourish that cape! Product DetailsNow that we’re all on the same page about your upcoming adventure, let’s get you geared up with a Brown Hooded Cloak! This homespun cape has fabric ties at the neck and features an oversized hood to help you achieve the genuine fantasy look that you’re going for. Augment your wizard costume, help your hobbit style, or cinch your Renaissance wear with this versatile cloak! Safe Adventures!When you are setting out from the tavern to begin your grand tale, make sure you start out right. Every story starts with the hero giving a slight flourish of their cloak and pulling the hood up to shield them from sunshine or the hint of rain. With this Brown Hooded Cloak, you”ll have both the protection of the hood and the style of a hero!

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