Brown Bear Mascot Costume

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Til butik

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You know what is bear-y funny to us? Puns. We can bear-ly believe that there are people in the world who refuse to appreciate a good pun. Who ARE these people? How do they find joy in life? It is trying for us to go on with this sad knowledge; but alas, it is our burden to bear.On the upside, there is an animal that is notorious for its punning sense of humor: the bear. Did you know that bears pun an average of 28 times a day? Amazing. Of course, their language is a *bit* more fluid than standard English, but still, that’s impressive! Obviously, things can get a bit grizzly if a bear is not in the mood for humor; so if you want to shoot the breeze with nature’s punsters (without the immediate threat to your personal safety), appease their ferocity by bringing over a nice charcuterie tray, a bottle of fancy cub soda, and for good measure, slip into this Brown Bear Mascot Costume first! Not only will you be in good company, you’ll also become bear-y huggable once you’re done up in this fuzzy suit. But this isn’t about hugging, it’s about puns. Stay with us. (And really, if you don’t know that this story is for fun and you should NOT, under any circumstances, try and tempt a real live bear with food–especially charcuterie–then please step away from this description and read a few articles on bear behavior.)Meanwhile, this light brown jumpsuit has a white belly patch and zips up over your normal close for an instant costume hit. The plush bear paws sit atop your human hands, so you can add emphasis to every joke you make and pun you sling. It’s really a matter of claws and effect, see: when you dress in this bear costume, the whole world immediately becomes funnier and more bear-able.

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