Bubblegum Cutie Costume For Child

314,00 kr.

Color: Red/White
Material: Polyester
Condition: new
Brand: Party King
Merchant: Fun.com
Network: Commission Junction

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A Candy LandWhen you were young, you took your allowance very seriously. You would save up meticulously for what you wanted each week, and what you wanted each week was…candy! You’d collect your pay and head into town to pick out your favorites from the fudge shop-some weeks you got saltwater taffy (your favorite), some weeks you opted for caramels (also your favorite), and some days you picked sour gummies that made your mouth pucker (yep, a favorite, too). But your absolute favorite were the gumballs! Too big to fit into your mouth and hard enough to crack a tooth if you weren’t careful, the giant gumballs of your youth still bring back fond memories.On a recent trip back home, you took your own kid back to the fudge shop for the first time. And she freaked out, obviously! The choices! The old-timey charm! The chocolate-peanut-butter fudge! The only downside? You don’t live nearby anymore. Celebrate her sweet rite of passage by getting this Child Bubblegum Cutie Girl’s Costume and she can feel the thrill of the shop anytime she wears it!Fun DetailsThis bubbly-fun frock features a shiny metallic material throughout with a “wet-look” finish. The bodice is gray and the full skirt is vibrant cherry-red. “Gumball” pom poms under a clear plastic coating produce an optical illusion that turns your kid into an actual gumball machine, but cuter! The headband completes the darling look and leaves you feeling nostalgic for a simpler time when candy was the only thing on your mind.Sweet TeethYou have more than just one sweet tooth, and it seems like your girl follows in your footsteps. You’ll always have your annual trip home to visit the fudge shop, and it’s special to share that together. But in between those visits, this costume will keep your cutie satisfied until she can chomp into a giant gumball with you again next summer.

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