Burlap Voodoo Doll Costume for Kids

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THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE YOUR TYKE CUTERHave you ever referred to your child as a doll? Just wanted to pick the youngster up and squish them in a big hug? Sure, they go for it initially, but they can get right down squirmy… and bitey! It’s hard to see our kids as anything other than adorable, so we’re not going to blame anyone for that. But, did you ever wonder what you could do to make them even more precious? Well, we’ve got a few unusual suggestions.Clearly, your kiddo is already topping the charts at cute. (Or, we suppose maybe you know one that ended up a little less fortunate than the others.) Either way, there are ways to up the adorable factor. It does, like all amazing techniques, involve just a little bit of dark magic. (Of course.) But it is fun dark magic! And, if anyone knows fun, you know that you’re talking to the right folks!FUN DETAILSThe first step, fortunately, doesn’t even involve any creepy chanting. It’s all about letting your boy or girl hop into this Kid’s Burlap Voodoo Doll Costume. This cute-as-heck burlap outfit only looks like a potato sack got fresh with your sewing supplies. It’s actually quite comfy thanks to the smooth inner lining. The tunic shirt fastens with a rear button and the pants have a comfy elastic waistband. The shirt features decorative stitching and appliqued eyes as well as attached foam pins for all those cursed desires.BRAND NEW WAY TO PLAY WITH DOLLSYour kiddo might already enjoy a few dolls or action figures. They might have even imagined being one or heading off to a party with one of them. But, with a little dabbling in the other realm, your child can know just what it is like to be an adorable doll with the added benefit of a few cursed powers!

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