Buzz Lightyear Costume T-Shirt for Men

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OK, so maybe you can’t commit to becoming a full-time space ranger. There are a lot of responsibilities associated with the position–from ship upkeep to ranger training to tech development. But hey, pal, that doesn’t mean the universe doesn’t need you. So you can’t make every single day a trip to outer space? So what! You can still make your days feel like endless adventures to infinity and beyond!So for all those “normal days” that feel a little dull, this Buzz Lightyear Men’s Costume T-Shirt will help them seem a little more like a Star Command mission. The 100% cotton tee is carefully printed with all of the details of the Toy Story character, Buzz, so you can secretly pretend that you’re saving the galaxy while you wear it out to go shopping. Or maybe you’d prefer to wear it under a jacket for a fun take on casual Friday, or to pop it on over jeans and have an instant conversation starter at a party. Wherever you wear it, wear it well. Just don’t try to fly while wearing this T-shirt; we’re good, but we’re not that good.

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