Caesar Salad Kit Adult Costume

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What’s for Dinner? “Ummm, I’ll just have a salad.” What? JUST a salad? Is that how you describe the perfect combination of crisp lettuce greens, crunchy toasted and seasoned bread croutons, savory Parmesan cheese and that most delectable kind of dressing you’ll ever find anywhere? We didn’t think so. That’s like saying, “Ummm, I’ll just have a tall frozen strawberry and kiwi smoothie with a topper shaped like a tiny umbrella.” When salad’s on the menu, it’s time to get excited! Product DetailsLook good enough to eat in this hilarious Caesar Salad Kit Costume for Adults! The unisex outfit includes an oversized sleeveless tunic that’s easy to put on and is roomy enough to be worn over lightweight street clothes. It’s shaped like a rectangular produce bag and printed with fun graphics, including packed Romaine lettuce leaves, a purple label that reads “Caesar Salad Kit,” and images of parmesan and croutons. The shoulders are detailed with more lettuce print. Straight Outta the Produce Section Show your good taste this Halloween by arriving at your next costume party looking like a real snack! It’ll soon become clear to anyone who thinks that salad is boring that they’ve never met a veggie option like you before. Once they see you out on the dance floor showing off your signature “Salad Spinner” dance move, they’ll have to rethink their stance on leafy greens! Which might be a little sad, actually, because then there will be less salad for everyone else to munch.

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