Candy Catcher Cauldron Witch Toddler Costume

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Change is a’Brewin’A lot of people have misconceptions about witches. They think black is the only color in a witch’s wardrobe. They think a black cat is a witch’s only companion (in fact, a lot of witches we know have Corgis). And they think that witches only get around on a bunch of old broomsticks! Not true. Any of it. In our business, we’re lucky enough to get acquainted with all manner of witches, warlocks, and creatures of the night, and we can tell you, the best, brightest young witches are bucking all of those stereotypes! Color is IN in the witching community. Puppy adoptions are up. And anyone who is anyone in Salem is traveling by way of cauldron, these days. Product DetailsThis Cauldron Witch Costume for Toddlers shows that your kiddo is an “it” witch, indeed. She knows all the new magic and is ready to take the world by storm. Notice how this look is grounded not in a black, oversized dress, but rather an orange striped jumpsuit? Very modern. The purple shoes and matching hat make an even bolder statement-this little witch isn’t afraid of a little color in her wardrobe. Meanwhile, the ride-in cauldron allows her to take her work with her wherever she goes, not to mention transport her to any other moment in time and space! Now tell us that isn’t better than zipping around on a wooden broom!New Age WitchLuckily for all of us, another trend in today’s young witches is witching for good. Gone are the days of practicing hexes and curses for the fun of it; now our petite magic makers are harnessing their powers to create positive change. We certainly think she’s doing a remarkable job! And we’d love to know more about the whole witch-Corgi connection.

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