Candy Inventor Girls’ Costume

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Sweet SmartsIs your child a genius when it comes to jellies? An innovator of ice creams? A talent for creating treats? Well, you never really know until she takes a crack at it, right? Once your child is unleashed into the world of candy invention, she might revolutionize the shelves of convenience stores and movie theater concession stands permanently! Why can’t there be saltwater taffy bubble gum? Or edible thumbs that you can thumb-wrestle with? If Boston Baked Beans are a thing, why not candied bacon bits or radish red hots? Umm, now that we think about it, we’d better let your kid do the thinking. Turns out, no one on our staff is a natural candy inventor!Details & DesignOur in-house creative team created this Girl’s Candy Inventor Costume for a quality look that’s sure to put your kiddo in character as soon as it’s out of the package! It features a lush purple jacket with gold trim and dapper tails. A colorful candy-print vest is layered underneath with gold-tone buttons down the front. An oversized purple tie loops around the neck, adding even more pizzazz. Tan pants with a stripe on the sides and a top hat complete this look, making your kiddo ready for her sweet new career!Trick-or-treat TrainingSometimes all that trick-or-treating candy can be a little too much. Now, though, consider all those treats to be market research. All treats have room for improvement or innovation when your daughter’s on the job. She might even take on the candies she doesn’t like in the name of candy progress. Who knows what she might come up with in her factory after being exposed to all this confectionary intel? All we can say is that we’re excited about her future. She’s sure to come up with something better than edible thumbs…

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