Care Bears Adult Classic Good Luck Bear Costume Hooded Jumpsuit

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A Run of Good LuckGood luck is a nice thing to have! What would you try if you knew you had only good luck for a day? You could play the lottery of course but isn’t that kind of obvious? It would be fun to try something new. Perhaps you would try some of those games of chance at the fairgrounds or arcade and prove that it can be done. Maybe you could check out plane tickets for that one place you’ve always wanted to go… only to discover a cancellation and discounted seats!If you’re the kind of person that avoids black cats at all costs, gathers every penny you come across, or hangs a horseshoe over your doorway then you should seriously consider sending some love over to Good Luck Bear. You might be able to avoid some of that negative clout and focus entirely on the good! While the bear is usually doing his work in the clouds of Care-A-Lot, we have it on good authority that he’s always willing to help boost your luck to the good side!Design & DetailsYou’ll get even better vibes from the Care Bears if you dress up in this cozy green bear jumpsuit. This is an officially licensed Good Luck Bear designed in our in-house studios to have you feeling just like the Care Bear. You won’t need any extra luck to make good friends in this outfit; it’s cheerful enough! It has an attached hood, mittens, and shoe covers. The hood has embroidered eyes, a heart nose, and sweet, fluffy ears. It has a large white four-leaf clover belly badge to let everyone know what you’re all about. Share With EveryoneOnce you feel the positive vibes of this Good Luck Bear costume, you might find that you’re attracting more people than usual. That might be because they’re looking to get some luck for themselves… or because they want to join you in a Care Bear Countdown. You don’t need luck there, either, since we’ve got the whole team available.

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