Catwoman Kid’s Costume

189,00 kr.

Til butik


You might be surprised to find that your girl is plotting something devious. That she’s got something nefarious in mind. That she’s plotting a major Gotham City crime spree! Yes, she has her sights on becoming Catwoman, and who are we to stand in her way. We think it should be encouraged, and really, the only thing she’s going to need for her big heist is the right look. There’s nothing wrong with getting her this Girl’s Catwoman Costume, is there? Nah! (Hint hint: it’s all fun and games!)With this slick costume inspired by The Dark Knight Rises, she can become a top cat burglar in the DC Comics world, and she can even team up with Batman to save the day (maybe her brother would be good for that part!). This costume ensemble has everything she needs to be prowling the hood like this classic character. It comes with a jumpsuit, belt, eyemask, and headpiece. The jumpsuit features boot tops, and the accessories give her the proper Anna Hathaway movie treatment. Yeah, she’ll be playing the part in no time!

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