Cheshire Cat Jumpsuit Toddler Costume

314,00 kr.

Til butik


It is curious the way that Alice first found her way into Wonderland. Few in the unusual world can come through to our world. The White Rabbit hardly counts; he is always too busy and rushing from one place to another. He might as well be your average scatter brained bunny-not to be confused with the March Hare, of course. But, there is one creature of Wonderland that has free reign to come and go however it might choose… and we’d almost never know it!Who? The Cheshire Cat, of course! Dipping between presence and invisibility, no one could ever know if the mischievous beast were nearby… except for the chaos that ensues whenever Cheshire is nearby. Things clatter to the ground unexpectedly. Strange noises and other virtually hauntingly strange activities. The scariest part is that the Cheshire Cat is not held to any specific form! It free flows from purple and pink cat to near any form it might desire!It is obvious that you’re starting to figure this out! The Cheshire Cat is none other than your seemingly sweet and innocent little toddler! But, just think of the chaos that occurs at the drop of the hat! Oh, such a devious, brilliant, and, ultimately, adorable little monster! Well, now you can keep better tabs on the kiddo by locking their form down with the Toddler Cheshire Cat jumpsuit. A perfectly colorized garb including the plush and furry tail as well as the large, grinning Cheshire smile on the hood, all will instantly recognize your toddler for the master of mischief-making and won’t be able to help but smile right back!

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