Child 80’s Workout Girl Costume

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We Got the BeatForget Crossfit and Barre – 80s workouts looked like so much more fun! Those aerobics classes full of people with teased hair and wristbands, jamming out to Michael Jackson and Kool and the Gang look far, far better than doing weight reps and crunches. Plus – and call us crazy if you want – the outfits they wore seemed like they made the workout feel awesome! Who wouldn’t have fun feeling the burn and working up a sweat while wearing neon leotards and legwarmers – not to mention wristbands and side ponytails complete with big, soft scrunchies? Crank up that music and let’s start stair training! Product Details You’ll be doing jumping jacks and burpees with the best of them when you wear this exclusive Child 80’s Workout Girl Costume. Anyone who sees your incredible black bodysuit with the rad, shiny pastel stripe design will start humming “It’s fun to stay at the Y! M! C! A!” without even realizing it. A hot pink pullover crop top sweatshirt will highlight your moves as you stretch and spin. The bright aqua leggings keep you warmed up no matter how long you decide to jazzercise! Pull on your favorite pair of legwarmers because the Rhythm Is Gonna Get You! Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go to Workout Come on, touch those toes! Stretch to the sky! The 80s are back, and they’re cooler than ever thanks to this awesome costume! You’ll be a bit of nostalgia for one generation and a giggle fest for another, but one thing’s for sure – no one’s ever seen a workout getup as totally tubular as yours!

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