Child Cheeseburger Costume

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Does your little one like to make a statement or maybe he just loves to chow down on tasty treats? If so, we’ve got the perfect costume! This Kids Tasty Cheeseburger Costume is sure to make your little guy or girl stand out in the crowd and of course get a few laughs along the way. Really what could be funnier than seeing a cute little kid dressed as a juicy cheeseburger?It’s not secret that everyone loves burgers whether they are plain ol’ hamburgers or a classic cheeseburger. Your kid is sure to be loved while wearing this hilarious getup! Dress your whole gang up as delicious food items, we’ve got plenty of tasty options from tacos to pizza. It takes a special kid to be able to pull of this amazing costume and we have faith that your little one can get the job done! Set them up for a lifetime of awesome costumes with our Kids Tasty Cheeseburger Costume.Hey, even if your kid doesn’t want to rock this costume on Halloween and maybe just a random summer day that works too! That just means your little guy or girl knows how to liven up a party and really what could be better than that. They are sure to be the the most popular kid on the block when they strut their stuff dresses as this terrifically tasty looking cheeseburger.

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