Child Elf Costume

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Is your kiddo ready to help Santa make sure that Christmas goes off without a hitch? Excellent! Then we’ve got the perfect costume for him to run around the North Pole in. Take a look at this awesome Elf Costume for children.When your little one is running around as one of Santa’s many helpers, he’ll be doing his part in making sure that all the other boys and girls in the world have an absolutely fantastic Christmas. Whether he is assigned to the assembly line to build toys or to the stables to tend to the needs of the reindeer, we are sure he’ll do so with the biggest of smiles. He won’t be able to help but smile from ear to ear with this costume on. It’s red and green! The two traditional colors of Christmas. Not only does he get the shirt and pants of an elf, but this costume also includes the cute booties and adorable pointed hat to complete this festive holiday transformation. Santa will thank his lucky stars that you grabbed this costume for your kiddo. There never seems to be enough time to get everything ready for a perfect Christmas but with the help of your little one, Santa will be able to go through the year stress-free.Put a huge smile on your handy helper’s little face and make life a bit easier for jolly ole St. Nick when you grab this Child Elf Costume. Who knows? Maybe Santa will be so grateful that the whole family will be invited to visit the workshop and see how all the magic works!

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