Child Hardworking Lady Kids Costume

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She Can Do It!Recently, you’ve discovered that your little one is just a bit different from other girls her age. First you started finding giant pipe wrenches lying around her room. Next, her pockets were full of bolts and rivets when you did her laundry. She’s only a child and last night she came home late muttering about a shift at some factory and “helping the ladies with the war effort”! Don’t fret, your young one is merely the next in a long tradition of hard-work, determination and girl power!FUN DetailsThis Halloween, help her display her grit and can-do attitude with the Child Hardworking Lady costume. Her friends down at the tank factory will gasp with awe and admiration at this 50s style jumpsuit.The patches on the jumpsuit read “Rosie” and “We Can Do It”, expressing to all that your little tyke doesn’t mess around about her work or her Civil Rights. Whether she’s Trick or Treating with her friends, pounding rivets on the side of an airplane, or organizing the ladies at the factory to vote (in a few years of course),she’ll look her absolute best. The polka-dot bandana will secure any flyaways and keep her hair out her face during the work day. She’ll do it all dressed as this iconic figure in women’s history.A Little Hard WorkIt’s obvious that the little lady in your life is passionate about hard work- both manual labor and the social issues of the day- so forgo the princess dress this year. Put away the fairy wings and give your little one the attire she needs to go out and change the world! The Child Hardworking Lady Costume will inspire the young leader and those around her for Halloweens to come. Now if only you can figure out how to remove those pesky oil stains!

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