Child Leopard Costume Dress | Kid’s Cat Costumes

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Been Spotted!Your munchkin is the kind of girl who likes her spots. And no one is going to convince her otherwise. And that is fantastic. More young women should be that brave, and unwilling to compromise the things that they love because of peer pressure.She is the kind of girl who likes to be spotted in a crowd. And she loves it when her animal prints do that for her. Leopard print is her favorite. She loves those huge cats. They have such silly expressions, and they are so lazy, but oddly enough incredibly strong, and active. It’s no wonder that she really wants one for a pet… but of course, she can’t have a leopard for a pet. She can, however, transform into a big cat with this Girl’s Leopard Costume.Product DetailsThis Halloween, get her this Girl’s Leopard Costume so she can live out her dreams of being a big cat. She will run around the house trying to jump like a leopard, and growling like a big cat. The adorable costume is a long-sleeved dress that fastens in back. The dress is made entirely out of a leopard print velour material and has a fringed tulle edge on the skirt. The tail attaches to the back of the dress with a simple fastener and the cat-ear headband really brings the whole outfit together!

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