Child Luigi Classic Costume

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We’ve seen the future, and it’s all Luigi! That’s right, green everywhere, all because Luigi saved the day. And, of course, there’s one very special person who’s going to help raise his profile up from “2nd Player Status” and, yes, it’s your kid. As long as you get them this Child Luigi Classic Costume!We ain’t got nothing against Mario (love him in fact!) but we’ve always thought that Luigi was much cooler than his usual sidekick status. He’s taller, leaner, and just as good at busting up Koopas! If your kid feels the same way, just get them this costume, and they’ll be ready to show off that they’re all about the “L” on their hat.This costume does indeed include that “L” hat, and it accents and completes the jumpsuit costume. The suit is styled to look like overalls over a long sleeve green shirt, complete with printed yellow buttons. To fully fulfill the Italian plumber style, this costume set also includes an adhesive mustache, so that he can do his very, very best impression of the famous character. He can still hang out with his brother if you suit his buddy up in a Mario costume, and you can even get Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Toad into the action too with our entire selection of Nintendo costumes. Suit up your own gang of Super Mario Bros., and you’ll be ready for action worthy of the Mushroom Kingdom!

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