Child Pebbles Costume

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We’ve Come So FarHave you ever wondered how the people in the Stone Age showered or washed their dishes? How did they iron their loincloths and vacuum the carpeted areas of the cave? Back then they didn’t have the technology that we have today, how could they have gotten all of those daily chores and activities done. Why, with the dinosaurs and the other wildlife, of course! They had mammoth showers, octopus dishwashers, turtle irons, and mastodon vacuums. Wouldn’t that be a zany time to live in? Thankfully, we have electricity and plenty of other awesome technology nowadays. However, you can still let your little girl dress up like she’s was born in a cave!Have your kiddo bring a classic cartoon character to life this Halloween when you grab her this Pebbles Kids Costume. Before you know it, she’ll be ready to rock and roll all around town for some trick-or-treating in this cartoony cave-girl outfit. Without a doubt, she’ll collect more Pop Rocks than any other child in the neighborhood with this cute costume.A Design as Old as TimeThis costume is made of 100 percent polyester fleece. It has a sleeveless pink shirt decorated with small black decals shaped like boomerangs. The shirt’s hemline and neckline have a jagged edging and there is Hook and Loop fastener at the base of the neck for a secure fit. The black shorts have an elastic waistband. An orange Pebbles wig with a plush bone is included along with a pair of pink leg warmers.Some Flintstone Family FunBring everyone’s favorite prehistoric rugrat to life this Halloween with this Pebbles Kids Costume. Everyone will love seeing this cartoon cave-kiddo come to life off the television screen and into their neighborhood. Bring the rest of the Flintstone family to life when you grab one of our Fred and Wilma costumes. You can turn your town into the city of Bedrock this Halloween!

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