Child Pink Poodle Costume

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POODLE POWERBeing ‘in the dog house’ isn’t so bad when you have a balcony and a bone-shaped pool! Poodles aren’t basic dogs, especially pink poodles- they gravitate toward the finer things in life. Don’t even think about filling their bowl up with tap water. Evian only, please. You’ll never catch a poodle without a sparkling rhinestone collar and they consider stepping inside a busy dog park barbaric. Those are for commonplace mongrels. The epitome of pooch perfection, pink poodles are ridiculously adorable and they know it too. Now your little animal-lover can experience life as a pampered poodle, and take our words for it, there’s no better way to get the full canine experience. Trade an afternoon of fetch for an easy-breezy stroll down Rodeo Dr., emphasizing all your fur-coated fabulousness then lounge inside your poodle villa. Basically, poodles are princess-puppies who enjoy the high-maintenance lifestyle so it’s a perfect costume for girls who wear an invisible crown every day. Maybe she’ll even request you call her Fifi! PRODUCT DETAILSA well-made Made By Us costume, the knee-length dress features fluffy pink edging, reminiscent of cotton candy, while a black band cinches at the waist. The matching bolero vest has an attached poodle hood, featuring fluffy ears accented by two black bows. The included fingerless gloves have a girly heart-shaped patch in the palm. Pink wrist and ankle cuffs emphasize the fancy theme and complete the costume. Conceptualized and created in our costume studio, this costume fuses a unique canine look with dainty elements little girls will love. OODLES OF FUNEnhance her time spent as a spoiled four-legged friend with a few accessories for a tail-wagging good time. Add white tights to keep her legs warm and don’t forget a simple makeup application. A drawn-on black nose and freckles will achieve the exact look pictured here!

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