Child Princess Peach Accessory Costume Kit

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Is her Princess game on point? Nah, not yet it’s not. She might have the dress, but she’s going to need the bling and the gloves. She’s going to need this Princess Peach Child Accessory Kit!Yeah, she can become as awesome as the famed Mushroom Kingdom Princess Peach when she completes her costume with this accessory kit. A classic character from the Super Mario Universe, she’s always ready for an adventure, and if your girl feels the same way, well, let’s just get her some of the video game style! First, you’ll want to start with one of our Princess Peach costumes, and then, you’ll just want to complete the style with this set. Then she’ll be ready to roll!Nintendo officially licensed, this set includes a crown, jewel, and pair of gloves. The plastic crown features colored gems, and secures to the head with a headband. The jewel accessory secures to her costume dress with self-adhesive, and the long white gloves complete the style. Of course, she can still accessorize without the full Peach gown too. She can wear the gear in this set whenever she feels like showing off a little Princess style!

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