Child Rainbow Pony Costume

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Pony PerfectionThroughout time there are some costumes that have an enduring effect on young people. Ponies are one such costume– and really, what’s not to love? Ponies capture all of the same equestrian grace and beauty of a horse in an adorable tiny package. We estimate that at least 30% of wishes to Santa are for a pony. Really, we ran the numbers! If ponies can command that kind of respect during the Holiday season then there’s no reason to assume that children wouldn’t be equally thrilled at the addition of tiny horses to other calendar holidays. If you’re looking for the perfect costume for your little one this Halloween, look no further than our Girls Rainbow Pony Costume!FUN DetailsThe 100% polyester jumpsuit of this adorable costume Hook and Loop fasteners on the left side and features an attached pony head that features a metallic decorative mane. Of course, no pony costume would be complete without a tail! This one is attached in the usual place. There’s even faux fur trim on the sleeves and pants! On top of being a delightful homage to ponies in general, the fun color scheme of our Girls Rainbow Pony Costume allows for much more imagination! Perhaps this pony has magical powers…Magical MareIf, like us, you’ve noted the near universal love for all things pony, then this costume might be the ideal purchase for your little one this Halloween. Sating their thirst for ponies now might put off the inevitable request for an actual pony for a few more years, but it could also inspire the question on the spot so no promises there. The best you can do is enjoy the festivities and quietly tuck a few hay bales into the garage-just in case. Our Girls Rainbow Pony costume is perfect for the pony obsessed kiddo in your life, although it might be hard convincing them to stop wearing it after Halloween!

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