Child Skye Costume from Paw Patrol

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Even at such a young age, your little girl knows those boys sometimes need her looking out for them from above! She’s either very mature, or, she’s Skye, from Paw Patrol!It’s about time a gal joined this group of helpful pups! If your little one just adores Skye’s daredevil attitude, quick wit, and desire to look good (even while saving the day), she’s a natural fit for this fearless puppy’s persona. Skye is a cockapoo–a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, so she’s a bit fancy–but don’t let that fool you. She can hang with the toughest pups and can do anything any of the other dogs can do, she’ll just do it with a backflip and a grin! If that sounds like your kid, then you may want to get her this Paw Patrol: Skye Girls Costume and see what she’s really made of! Who knows, you may have a tiny hero on your hands, and you never even knew it!Even if she isn’t destined for the Paw Patrol forever, she can still enjoy dressing up as her favorite character, especially seeing that the look comes with a pink satin dress with glittery accents and is made to look like Skye’s pilot outfit, even down to the hat’s foam pilot goggles and ears on the sides. Sadly, this costume doesn’t come with a helicopter; we tried, but the shipping just wouldn’t be cost-effective for you, but it does include Skye’s signature pup pack–with wings! So she can still circle the neighborhood and keep an eye on her pesky crew, and probably have a ton of fun doing so!

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