Chip Costume Companion

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Mom! There’s a Girl in the Castle! Belle’s never seen anything quite like this palace in her whole life. It’s definitely an adventure, but it’s kind of a spooky one – at least until she meets the castle’s kindly residents and is introduced to Chip!! Product DetailsReignite your love for the tale as old as time when you carry an officially licensed Disney Beauty and the Beast Chip Costume Companion! The sweet fabric purse is shaped like Mrs. Pott’s feisty son, with a stuffed yellow nose and printed facial graphics. The top unzips to reveal an opening for your valuables, which Chip is only too happy to protect. Its attached shoulder strap is length-adjustable. Want to See Me Do a Trick? If you’re preparing to search a scary monster’s castle, you’re going to want to take a scrappy teacup with you! He can be your guide through the dark and shadowy halls (except in the West Wing – that’s forbidden!) and when you get bored, he can entertain you by blowing bubbles.

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