Cigarette Costume for Adults

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No Butts About ItIt’s true. Cigarettes are just no good for you. In the last few decades, campaigns have made it abundantly clear that they’re bad for your health. They’ve been linked to countless medical issues. Of course, dressing like a cigarette? That should be pretty safe! This Adult Cigarette Costume helps you transform into the stick of tobacco sold at every corner store. The Rasta Imposta outfit really does a great job of making you look like a freshly smoked cig.Product DetailsYou’ll have one smokin’ outfit for the party when you slip into this costume! The outfit is a simple, tunic-style costume that’s constructed entires of polyurethane foam materials. The front has a printed design that recreates the look of a traditional cigarette, complete with the tan filter on top. The foam hood on top has a generous opening for your face, and the bottom looks like ash. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist dropping that one here.)The costume also comes with a pocket intended for stuffing. You can place newspaper, or fiberfill stuffing inside to customize how rounds and plump the cigarette costume looks. Use more stuffing for a thicker, rounded style. We recommend wearing plain, dark clothes along with this costume to get the best results! (Note: cigarettes can cause many health problems and we do not promote or condone the usage of tobacco.)Adult IndulgencesAre you looking to put together an extra “adult” group for your next big costume party? How about combining this cigarette costume with one of our many alcohol costumes for adults? Pairing those two outfits up brings together two of the most likely things you’ll see adults indulging in during their night out! It’s just one of our many great options for anyone looking for a funny adult costume!

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