Cinderella Prince Charming Men’s Costume

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The Perfect PrinceWhat makes a prince perfect? Perhaps you think of a stunningly attractive, heroic character who goes to every extreme to rescue the damsel in distress. While being handsome and romantic can be nice, we think what’s on the inside is more important. Prince Charming from Disney’s Cinderella is certainly charming (obviously), but what we really appreciate about him is his kind heart. Although he has plenty of prestige, he seems to judge people more on their personalities than their rank. He’s perfectly happy to marry a commoner so long as she has a gentle heart! (In fact, after his marriage, he even support Cinderella’s choice to invite the townsfolk to the ball.) Now that is what makes a prince truly charming!Fun DetailsWe know you’ll make the perfect prince in this Adult Prince Charming costume from Disney’s Cinderella! You’ll certainly feel like royalty in this richly designed tunic. It features a woven-in lattice design, an embroidered collar, and ornate gold details. The decorative gold buttons, gold cord, and epaulets add even more of an elegant touch while the embroidered belt holds everything together. The rich red pants have a matching gold stripe down the side to complete the costume. This luxurious costume is sure to make you feel like nobility at any ball (or party)!

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