Cinderella Prince Charming Plus Size Mens Costume

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Meet Your DestinyPrince Charming thought the ball would be another boring affair. Thanks to his royal status, he was obligated to go. Little did he know, this particular ball would be a life-changing event for him! It was there that he first saw his true love. It was there that he shared his first dance with the woman who would become his betrothed! Had he let life pass him by, he’d have never found true happiness.Now, it’s time for you to meet your destiny, dressed as the iconic Disney character. This costume is officially licensed from Disney’s Cinderella, so you’ll be dressed for anything that awaits you at the ballDesign & DetailsThis Plus Size Cinderella Prince Charming Costume gives you everything you need to look your best for your date with destiny. The costume starts with a cream-colored jacket, which features gold detailing, and a pair of regal epaulets on the shoulders. The red pants add a bright contrast of color to the outfit and fit with an elastic band in the waist. The gold belt goes around the waist to add even more royal attitude to the outfit. Finally, the white gloves tie the whole look together. When you’re dressed up as Prince Charming, you’ll be ready for the ball and ready to meet your Cinderella!

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