Classic Joker Men’s Costume

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No one’s who you think they are my dear. Why spoil the fun? – The JokerWho do you think you are? Or better yet, who do you often pretend to be? Perhaps by day you’re a mild mannered citizen who keeps to himself and never gets in trouble. Maybe you don’t even tell jokes by day, but perhaps there’s something a little… funny… lurking below the surface. Maybe the joke isn’t on you at all, but on your enemies!Well, the only way to find out exactly who you are is to assume the role of the most epic trickster in all of comic book history! (Seems like pretty solid logic to us.) The Joker costume is a high-quality outfit inspired by the iconic villain from the Batman comics. It comes with everything you need to create an authentic transformation, since it comes with a matching suit jacket and pants set, along with a shirt, vest, tie and pair of gloves. The lavish purple jacket has pinstripes and the matching pants fit with an elastic band for a comfortable fit. The tie is a tie-it-yourself kind of tie (do you really think The Joker would be caught wearing a clip-on).Just be warned! You may need to work on your stand-up material, as everyone will be expecting some spot on puns when you wear this costume. Also, you might need to start watching your back for Batman, because he might be hot on your tail when you walk through the streets of Gotham with

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