Classic Kid’s Dorothy Wizard of Oz Costume

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The Yellow Brick Road AwaitsEvery day is a great day for a brand new journey! How about going for a walk along the Yellow Brick Road? You never know what sort of interesting characters will show up there! Why, there could be a Cowardly Lion trying to overcome his fears. There could be a Scarecrow in desperate need of some intelligence. There could even be a Tin Man looking to restore his lost emotions! All your little girl has to do is use her imagination to take her first steps onto the road and nothing helps a child’s imagination quite like a great costume!Yes, your child can craft her own amazing adventure just by dressing up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! With this Made by us Classic Dorothy Wizard of Oz Costume for kids, she’ll be ready to begin!Fun DetailsOur costume designers worked hard to give this girl’s costume an authentic look and feel. The costume comes with a blue and white gingham dress that has an attached, blouse-style top. The shoulder straps feature decorative buttons on the front and are sewn into the dress in back at the waist. The matching hair ties feature the pleasant gingham pattern and fit in your child’s hair with elastic ties. When your child has it all on, she’ll be ready to skip her way to see the wizard! Just make sure she keeps her eyes peeled for that Wicked Witch of the West!Skipping Along the PathIf your child wants the full Wizard of Oz experience, be sure to check out our wide selection of Wizard of Oz costumes. We carry costumes for you to do a great parent-child duo costume, or options to turn the whole family into travelers on the Yellow Brick Road!

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