Classic Kid’s Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey Costume

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Being a junk salvager on a quiet desert planet like Jakku sounds like a lonely and boring life, and… it is. Just ask Rey, who was stuck doing that, until she got swept up in the exciting battle between the Resistance and the sinister First Order! Your little Star Wars fan can dress up as her favorite scavenger-turned-hero in this Classic Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey Costume, and go on a galactic adventure of her own!Who knows what Rey would have ended up doing if she hadn’t escaped from that giant junkyard of a planet when she did. While jumping around the galaxy at light speed and thwarting the First Order is pretty dangerous work, it sure beats digging through wrecked ships for scrap and power couplings! Rey is very resourceful, though, so she can definitely take care of herself. And if her first few days after blasting out of Jakku are any indication, she’s got a few Force-related tricks up her sleeve that will come in handy on her journeys.Your girl will have a stellar time pretending to fight alongside the Resistance and explore the galaxy in this awesome licensed Star Wars costume! The jumpsuit looks just like the rugged scavenging outfit Rey wears on her adventures, and features a foam belt and arm cuff printed to look like her actual props in the movie. Be sure to add the matching official hooded eye mask and the staff accessories so she can complete this heroic look. After all, dressing up like Rey is much more exciting than salvaging junk, so she’ll need to be ready for anything!

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