Classic Kimono Set Costume for Men

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TRAVEL BACK TO TRADITIONNo matter what developments we make towards the future, whether robotic assistants and automated cars or laser blasters and practically telepathic Internet access, we are always going to look back at certain ages with a deep fondness. Because, no matter when or where we are, we all want to be a samurai, too! The nobility of holding a katana and the look of honor from the traditional wear has held us fascinated for an age and continues to do so.Of course, time portals back to the Edo Period, Meiji Era, or other realms that closely match the Tokugawa shogunate aren’t especially common. A few mysterious wells that link worlds or the periodic tunnel in the midst of a forest can cause you to wake up in the feudal era but, otherwise, you’re usually pretty restricted to Internet browsing or admiring the possibilities from documentaries or Japanese anime. Unless, of course, you want to use our portal… DESIGN & DETAILSStep back into an age of art and intrigue thanks to the work of our in-house artisans. They’ve crafted this exclusive Classic Kimono Set to help you become the samurai you were always meant to be. The pants of this set are a gray trouser with wide pleated legs and a wrap belt that you may tie or leave hanging loose. The top is a wrap kimono of black poly blend and gray trim along the neckline and wide sleeves. Embroidery on the chest reveals a samurai symbol inspired by the Mori clan, though you can pledge yourself to any daimyo you like… or become a ronin drifter!REMEMBER YOUR KATANAThe spirit of the samurai is in the katana they wield. So, when you garb yourself in this Classic Kimono and get ready to make history, be sure that you have your trusty blade at your side. It’s time for the Edo Period to make a return!

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