Classic Men’s Chocolate Factory Worker Costume

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Doompety Doo…we’ve got a perfect costume for you.”We bet you saw that coming, but we went for it anyway. We can’t help it, that song is just so catchy! We’ve found that the best way to sing it is when you’re wearing our fancy exclusive Chocolate Factory Worker Costume!First of all, if you haven’t seen the classic movie, go watch it now, we’ll wait… Wow, that was fast! Now that we are all familiar with the movie, can we talk about how many questions about the workers were left unanswered? Like, do they rehearse their musical numbers, or do they just come up with them on the fly? Since they work with so much sugar, do they get full dental coverage? And how do they keep their white pants so clean, when they spend so much time around melted chocolate and sticky candy?Design & DetailsSince it is just a movie, if you spend enough time dressed in this whimsical costume, you may get an idea of how a real Chocolate Factory worker would think. We designed this costume with the same amount of heart and love as your favorite Candy Inventor did when he invented gobstoppers. The white pants and suspenders are separate from the turtleneck shirt and elastic boot covers, so you can move around freely when you inevitably break out into song and dance.Like the Chocolate Workers Doompety do!Once you’ve spent a little bit of time as a chocolate factory worker, you may just uncover the secrets of the chocolate factory… or you might just be ready to head to the costume party with the rest of your friends!

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